July 7, 2008

It's Ma Birfday

July 6th

For my actual birthday, I wanted to cap off the blog with another sky dive, but timing with the job change and finances did not line up. As a substitute I thought it would be nice to spend my Sunday doing something New Yorky.

So I enjoyed a fancy pants brunch at The Central Park Boathouse with a few close friends.

BAM, all unconsciously knew it was a little black dress occasion. I joked that it was like attending the funeral of my 30th year.

A lot of times restaurants with kitsch value do not live up to their reputation. But the Boathouse certainly delivered on service, food, and scenery.

It was a nice relaxing birthday brunch. Later in the evening my friend Emina came by my apartment for a slumber party. We ordered Thai food and cracked open a bottle of champaign her brother gave me as a 30th birthday present and I saved to celebrate the end of this blog project.

So as this particular blog draws to a close (stay tuned for a wrap up entry coming soon) , rest assured that things are in the works for the future. I mean, I wouldn't want to deprive you all of photos and stories....

like how I had bird shit wiped off my fancy birthday dress!!!!
(And no, it's not good luck!)

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Anonymous said...

Um Beavis. Its time to wrap this thing up with your closing post.