August 27, 2008

New Blog

August 26th

Since I wanted to keep this blog as a cohesive project, I started a new site called I Carried A Banana for further musings.

Come visit me over there.

August 17, 2008


August 17

So kids, my little project has come to an end. Despite the best efforts of Flickr to thwart me, I have indeed completed a 365 photo blog. To be exact, I wrote 380 posts and according to my camera, took well over 10,000 photos during this endeavor. Ironically enough, there were still 31 days where I did not document my life!

When I initially started this project, I said it was " part photo diary, part attempt to learn how to take a decent photo, and part recording of the random shit I see living in New York City". In the end it was all that and more. I shared my trips around New England, from Russia to Spain, and a wedding in Bermuda. You got a sneak into my family's holidays, followed me through a wacky cold kickball season, and witnessed the 16th and 17th time a bird shit on me!

I enjoyed having a project to focus my mind and keep me from straying down melancholy lane. I liked promoting my books and bands, it was a great intro to other 365ers, and I had fun sharing the kooky shit that only happens in Banana-land.

Since High Fidelity is one of my recent reads and favorite John Cusack movie, I thought I would share a few final thoughts Top Five Records style.

Top Five Hilarious Moments In Blog Photos(I captured some funny shit in the course of a year.)

Top Five Honorable Mention Posts(Sometimes I was clever, entertaining, or took great photos. I love myself.)

  1. Final Thoughts On Moscow
  2. Remember When Sex Was Safer Than Skydiving
  3. Choose Your Own Adventure III
  4. Greenwood In Spring
  5. Where In The World Is Miss Banana

Top Five Favorite Blog Photos(You can see a full set of photo goodness here.)

Finally, I want wrap this all up with a huge thanks to my readers. It's hard to believe that this silly blog got almost 5,000 hits in just about six months and had visitors from around the world. I hope you enjoyed reading enough to come visit my new musings!

Miss Banana

August 15, 2008

Thank You For Nothing

August 15th

Hey y'all. I haven't forgotten my promise to return to the world of blogging. I've just been doing my summer thang and trying my best to fix this project so I can leave my year's work whole. Here's what Flickr wrote to me yesterday (over a month in returning my inquiry) in regards to ruining my whole project:


Thanks for writing in and sorry for the late response.

When photo settings are changed, (ie. privacy settings,
rotation) the file name of the photo changes. Unfortunately
when that happens, links on other pages will not point to
the photo. I apologize for any inconvenience this may


Well Do, thanks for nothing.

Stay tuned, my friends.

Miss Banana

July 14, 2008

Flickr Can Bite Me

Hey Y'all,

So I started to draft a warm and fuzzy sentimental wrap up entry... but when cruising down blog memory lane, I realized Flickr was being a real beeotch. Long story short, I decided to create a poster of my favorite photos from this year (see link to the right) and somewhere in the process all of them got deleted from the blog.

So before I can summarize a year, I have to go back and add 365 photos throughout different entries on the blog.

To be continued....

Miss Banana

July 7, 2008

It's Ma Birfday

July 6th

For my actual birthday, I wanted to cap off the blog with another sky dive, but timing with the job change and finances did not line up. As a substitute I thought it would be nice to spend my Sunday doing something New Yorky.

So I enjoyed a fancy pants brunch at The Central Park Boathouse with a few close friends.

BAM, all unconsciously knew it was a little black dress occasion. I joked that it was like attending the funeral of my 30th year.

A lot of times restaurants with kitsch value do not live up to their reputation. But the Boathouse certainly delivered on service, food, and scenery.

It was a nice relaxing birthday brunch. Later in the evening my friend Emina came by my apartment for a slumber party. We ordered Thai food and cracked open a bottle of champaign her brother gave me as a 30th birthday present and I saved to celebrate the end of this blog project.

So as this particular blog draws to a close (stay tuned for a wrap up entry coming soon) , rest assured that things are in the works for the future. I mean, I wouldn't want to deprive you all of photos and stories....

like how I had bird shit wiped off my fancy birthday dress!!!!
(And no, it's not good luck!)

July 6, 2008

Uh Oh

July 5th

Tonight Lori threw a well timed BBQ that doubled as my birthday celebration. In a throwback to last year, DJ Rocco made an appearance and I had a few out of town visitors. (It also means that most of the photos are not for public consumption.) I thought it was a good time to bust out my beer helmet given to me (in conjunction with a Heineken mini-keg) by my co-workers last year on my 30th. It was a great 31st birthday celebration.

America, Fuck Yeah

July 4th

Happy Birthday, America.

Today I went to the free Sonic Youth concert (part of the River to River festival) in Battery Park.

I discovered I'm not so much into that type of music. It was pretty amazing to see this indie icon rock that hard, but I just wasn't in the mood. I spent most of the show people watching and taking random photos.

Later in the day I attended a random party on 2nd Ave with an amazing view of the Empire State building.

Waiting for the fireworks involved a few umbrellas.

The clouds also made for some interesting photos, most of which look more like Baghdad than New York and some of which are downright abstractly beautiful . My firework mode didn't work as well as it did when I was in Moscow.

Celebrating this family holiday on a rooftop full of strangers was certainly a New York moment.

You can see the full set of images from my day here.


July 3rd

It's is hard to believe that this desk will soon belong to someone different. As trying as times were in the past few months, I was truly sad to leave the office that had become my literal second home. Thankfully everyone had gone home early for the holiday weekend and weren't around to see my tears.

Not in a mood to get on the subway, I strolled down Madison to the F train at 63rd. Thankfully I was rewarded with this great photo opportunity that chuckled me right out of my funk.

I wish I could come up with a good caption to post this audacious kitty sleeping in a children's store window display on I Can Haz Cheezeburger.

Adios UES

July 2nd

Tomorrow is my last day at the museum and this evening I had a brief moment of sadness leaving the Upper East Side. Since I plan on permanently staying below 14th Street from this point forward, I thought I would take a final stroll around the hood.

I'm happy I decided to swing past the nutso store on Madison. Its bold summer display of zebra print chairs, storks, and horn chandeliers made me smile.

In addition to the return of the counter sunk alligators and hippos, they have this beautiful sculpture available for scaring the shit out of you.

My casual stroll lead all the way over to the East River for a peek at Randall's Island and Astoria.

Going somewhere new in just a few blocks of wandering a well known neighborhood reminded me to appreciate that there will always be something new and different just around the corner.

I was also reminded that funny photos can even happen somewhere as drab and boring as the 95th and 2nd Ave.

Milk And Cookies

July 1st

My blogging has never centered around airing my personal problems or expounding on serious topics. But when un-fun things happen to me, my close friends and family know I eventually turn some portion of the experience into a horrifically funny story at my own expense.

So in the interest of sharing a true tid bit...

Today I underwent a very yucky painful medial procedure involving my nether region. It was just about the most embarrassing uncomfortable thing I can possibly imagine enduring. With my legs hoisted in stirrups, mid-procedure, with her hands poking at said nether region, the nurse assisting with the procedure turned to me and said, "Oh I forgot...Hi. My name is Andrea and I'll be holding your vagina today."

Needless to say, instead of taking a photo, I spent 30 minutes waiting for my prescription shopping in Whole Foods with with post traumatic stress. (I somehow purchased four different types of cheese!) So my friend Filner sent me this virtual plate of milk and cookies to make me feel better.

Goodwill Treasure

June 30th

Who knew there was an entire line of Audrey Hepburn dolls? Not surprisingly there are some who love them with a little too much passion. One extra special person on the internet wrote, "She wears a long, sleeveless black gown offset by a dazzling white stole. The face sculpting and upswept brunette hairstyle (with gorgeous hair highlights!) truly capture the luminous beauty of Audrey Hepburn. Her accessories include long black opera gloves, triple-strand faux pearl necklace, rhinestone tiara, trademark black sunglasses, sheer hose, a white Schrafft's bakery bag and coffee cup, classic heels and a black handbag. *sigh*"

Unfortunately for this little lady, her owner gave her up to the Goodwill on 2nd Ave! One man's trash is another man's treasure.

June 30, 2008


June 29th

Today was another installment of Feast with the theme of "Balls". We had meatballs, cheese balls, melon ball martinis, peanut butter balls, and birthday cake. You can check out those photos here because I really want to post photos (taken on the sly) of these two adorable old ladies eating brunch next to me yesterday instead.

There are so few ladies who still wear white gloves, pearls, and their Sunday best hats to their breakfast at the local bagel joint. I wonder what Heather and I will wear during our afghan knitting years.

Sugar And Spice

June 28th

Today was about ladies of all ages. My cousin Liz had her bridal shower at a historic inn and I promised her a decent picture on the blog since the others haven't been at all flattering. I'm still not really happy with this one, but it is certainly an improvement over having seven sets of eyebrows. (Stupid camera.)

It was fun spending time with Gram and Aunt Evie who told me about their own bridal showers. They also shared the story of how my uncle Dan opened pots and pans and sexy lingerie as a stand in bride when my aunt was in the hospital for her own shower.

After lunch I stopped by to meet The Peanut, who finally got to go home.

Newborns are always amazing. I can't get over how everything on them is just miniature teeny tiny. Check out her adorable little Hobbit Foot.

(That's my thumb.)

But man, she is just total sweetness. What I wouldn't give to sleep as soundly and happy as this little one.

Popular Photos From The Miss Banana Archives

June 27th

Tonight I went up to Albany and spent the evening with Heather, her new cute man, and my parents. I forgot to take a photo, so here's one of the units from Christmas.

June 29, 2008

Bye Bye Bye

June 26th

Tonight a few coworkers and all our freelance art handlers came out to the Bohemian Beer Hall for a going away party. Since my office mate is also leaving, it really is the end of an era. We're not quite sure what will happen to our department but we're both relieved to be leaving the uncertain and troubling environment.

One of our favorite lady art handlers, Kate, brought us presents. I'm going to have to learn how to make drinks now!

When you hang around artists for a few hours, you start to notice the beauty in everything... like this green silly string graffiti on the subway platform. Or perhaps that was the beer talking...

I also noticed that this grown woman was passed out on the N train snuggling with a cookie monster chef with no child in site.