June 30, 2008


June 29th

Today was another installment of Feast with the theme of "Balls". We had meatballs, cheese balls, melon ball martinis, peanut butter balls, and birthday cake. You can check out those photos here because I really want to post photos (taken on the sly) of these two adorable old ladies eating brunch next to me yesterday instead.

There are so few ladies who still wear white gloves, pearls, and their Sunday best hats to their breakfast at the local bagel joint. I wonder what Heather and I will wear during our afghan knitting years.

Sugar And Spice

June 28th

Today was about ladies of all ages. My cousin Liz had her bridal shower at a historic inn and I promised her a decent picture on the blog since the others haven't been at all flattering. I'm still not really happy with this one, but it is certainly an improvement over having seven sets of eyebrows. (Stupid camera.)

It was fun spending time with Gram and Aunt Evie who told me about their own bridal showers. They also shared the story of how my uncle Dan opened pots and pans and sexy lingerie as a stand in bride when my aunt was in the hospital for her own shower.

After lunch I stopped by to meet The Peanut, who finally got to go home.

Newborns are always amazing. I can't get over how everything on them is just miniature teeny tiny. Check out her adorable little Hobbit Foot.

(That's my thumb.)

But man, she is just total sweetness. What I wouldn't give to sleep as soundly and happy as this little one.

Popular Photos From The Miss Banana Archives

June 27th

Tonight I went up to Albany and spent the evening with Heather, her new cute man, and my parents. I forgot to take a photo, so here's one of the units from Christmas.

June 29, 2008

Bye Bye Bye

June 26th

Tonight a few coworkers and all our freelance art handlers came out to the Bohemian Beer Hall for a going away party. Since my office mate is also leaving, it really is the end of an era. We're not quite sure what will happen to our department but we're both relieved to be leaving the uncertain and troubling environment.

One of our favorite lady art handlers, Kate, brought us presents. I'm going to have to learn how to make drinks now!

When you hang around artists for a few hours, you start to notice the beauty in everything... like this green silly string graffiti on the subway platform. Or perhaps that was the beer talking...

I also noticed that this grown woman was passed out on the N train snuggling with a cookie monster chef with no child in site.

June 27, 2008

Sepia Is Still My Friend

June 25th

After an unsuccessful attempt to capture a time lapse sunset from Chris's roof, I resorted to regular photography. While I like this photo just fine, the proliferation of water towers hearkened back to one of my original posts.

This version is so much more interesting.

Picturing Picasso

June 24th

I've realized that my new job is going to be great for my exploration bug. Tonight I walked through the area on my way to some beverages with a new friend and stumbled across this Picasso sculpure near NYU.

According to Google the Bust of Sylvette sculpture "that adorns the courtyard of NYU's Silver Towers apartment buildings on Bleecker Street is an enlargement of a sculpture by Picasso. Norweigan sculptor Carl Nesjär executed the construction of the 60-ton concrete Bust of Sylvette in 1967." This thing has been there since before I was born and I'm just stumbling across it now? Awesome.

The New Digs

June 23rd

Today I spent the afternoon at my new job getting a little training. Afterwards I took a long walk scouting for good morning coffee (I'm really going to miss my usual guys) and the fastest route to the subway. I'm SO pleased my commute will be cut in half and my lunch options expanded to limitless options. Goodbye Upper East Side snooty patisseries. Hello $5 Chinatown Asian noodle shops!

June 25, 2008


June 22nd

Tonight there was rain falling from a perfectly sunny sky as I walked to the F train. Of course there was a flipping amazing rainbow over all of Brooklyn visible only from the high Smith and 9th street platform. I ran to the window and whipped out my camera to capture what could have been my best photo all year only to encounter a dead battery. BLARG! Mermaid Parade!!!

Thankfully, some lovely person got their rainbow photo posted on Gothamist so you can sort of see why I'm mad!

June 24, 2008

Adopt A Neighborhood - Coney Island

June 21st

This month's exploration was out in Coney Island. There is a big push for "redevelopment" in this area, but a large portion of people (me included) sort of appreciate it for the grit and grime as is. Keeping in mind that Mayor Bloomberg halted further construction for one final year, we went down to consume Nathan's hot dogs and gawk at naked people in the Mermaid Parade.

The first thing I saw upon exiting the subway station was this crazy bus that I remembered from SantaCon. This was a good omen for the ridiculousness to come.

One of the first floats to pass us belonged to the New York Aquarium. My friend Rick was one of the tentacles.

Almost directly behind Rick came the first of the naked "art" people. I hope this paint is waterproof.

This dude was beyond words. I feel so bad for his little tricolored pooch in the cart and the bird on his head. People in the crowd said he is some sort New York character that goes from public venue to parades and parties dressed in this exact get up.

There was a popular movement among parade participants to place a "beauty pageant" sash around themselves. I wonder if it lends more credibility to an otherwise crap costume that has nothing to do with being a Mermaid or sea creatures?


There was also a large pasty contingent in the walkers. My friend noted that if you are going with this look, you had better have some huge knockers otherwise (as pictured below) your pasty covers your entire unimpressive bosom. You can click here to see my entire set of photos, including manyl NSFW images of some mostly naked exhibitionists.

After four hours in the hot sun (and ensuring burnt forehead) we got some strawberry daiquiri refreshment on the crowded boardwalk.

As we passed this ginourmous post parade garbage pile Ralph said prophetically,
"New York: Love It Or Leave It. "

Happy Birthday, Jess!

June 20th

Tonight we celebrated Jess's birthday with our second annual outing to Central Park Summer Stage evening of comedy. (I love Beth's face in this photo.)

The comics Stephen Lynch, Mike Birbiglia, and Julian McCullough were hilarious. This evening reminded me yet again how close I am to the close of this blog. It's summer again and all the free events are happening.

June 20, 2008


Happy Friday....

This is something that my dad sent me saying "I would never give up drinking if I saw these ugly women I would probably drink more."

If you were around in 1919 (just before prohibition started) and came upon the following poster.........

I mean, seriously, would you quit drinking?

Hamster What?

June 19th

The animal hospital in my neighborhood realized that playing up to the many young families in the area would be good marketing. Apparently they hosted some sort of drawing and story competition that was pet related. They are displaying some of the participants projects in the window. Yesterday I started laughing hysterically while waiting for the bus (at noon when I finally decided to show my face at work) and took some photos for your enjoyment.

Avoid That Pet
A handbook on how to sneeze on your mutant four legged pet.

Never Live
A sadistic guide to choking your grey cat to death.

Hamster What?
Teach your hamster to breakdance on the picnic table.

This is the one that just made me pee my pants laughing. I have no idea what this could be about.

Carnage Of All Varieties

June 18th

So much for staying current on the blog, eh? It seems that once you announce you are leaving, your employer finally realizes how much shit you really handle and suddenly wants you to teach them everything about your entire position. Ha!

In any case, I'm indifferent to their needs and instead of behaving, I stayed out until 2:30am drinking beers and hanging out with my friend Burke, who was in town from Chicago for one night only. This is a photo of him with his mouth full of Katz's Deli goodness. He'll probably kill me for making this public.

This is all that remains of my half pastrami and swiss on sourdough.

June 18, 2008

Lame Duck

June 17th

Some of my regular readers might be wondering why I just posted ten days entries in a few hours. There are several reasons for this:
  • I'm about to finish the blog and I'm going to make an honest attempt to stay current for the remaining 19 days of the project. Tick tock goes my blog clock.
  • I accepted a new job today. I assume it has been apparent in my recent posts that I've slowly been going insane at my current museum. A new job literally fell in my lap and as I learned from Il Bastardo yesterday, I need to take refuge or get blown over the edge with the storm. So quite honestly, today at work I'm a lame duck. Who feels like devoting any time or energy to a place they are leaving? Instead, I shall post to my blog all day and not give a shit. Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
Hmmm.....all that has nothing to do with today's cute photo of Deb and her rad new banana seat Barracuda bike...

other than the fact that on this historic day in Miss Banana land, we went for our first ride around the park. She was a real trooper on our two treks up the big hill and it was good to chat with a kindred spirit who has also somehow continually taken pay cuts during her tenure in the art world. Oh the things we do for jobs that aren't soul sucking....

Il Bastardo

June 16th

Today was stressful. Lots of bad shit went down at work. I was grappling with some difficult decisions and harsh financial realities. To gain some perspective, I brought an appropriately named large bottle of wine to the roof of Chris's high rise apartment building.

While contemplating my future with a nice mellow red wine buzz, a huge scary storm of Ghost Busters proportions began to roll in above our heads.

The wind began to freak out with insane gusts blowing Chris's hat over the side of the building, throwing the chairs around like kites and tipping over the half full bottle of wine (NOOOOOOoooooooo).

We took refuge inside from Il Bastardo just before it hit the river and really let loose! I can't think of a more appropriate metaphor for things in my professional life than this hair raising stormy experience.

7th Ave Street Fair

June 15th

Nothing says summer in New York City like the return of the street fairs. Today was the one right up the block from home.

These dudes set up a ping pong table in the middle of the fair. What is it with Park Slopers bringing their gaming equipment outside?

But if you are in the mood to buy socks, jewelry, African spices, bulk underwear, or roasted corn, the street fairs are for you!

Bizarro Martin

June 14th

Tonight Martin took me to his other Peruvian friend (shown below) Martin's house for a birthday party. It's funny to me that both these guys are crazy party dudes with a love for dancing and playing the clown. It was a fun night!

A Drunken Return

June 13th

Today I unpacked and hung my painting, took an amazing limo drive over to Albany, and relaxed on the train back down to the city. Upon my return, most of my friends were out enjoying some post work margaritas and I decided to join them. Several rounds later, our simple happy hour degraded into total debauchery. I think it began when we collectively decided I should take this crackalicious photo that we all found hilarious.

The night continued when I found myself accidentally attached via my belt loop to the biggest dive bar in the city, Rudy's (home of the free hot dog). It took a flash light and three people to eventually free my pants! In the meantime, I became fast friends with the bouncer who traded me a big sweaty hug for my hard earned pinwheel.

The night continued to three other "establishments" where we consumed way too many alcohol units and amassed a collection of stolen bar ware from each venue for no particular reason.