March 21, 2008

Hamilton And BBQ

March 14th

Today was bright, sunny and warm, especially compared to chilly dreary New York City. BAM (Bonnie-Anna-Mary) set out to explore the capital of Bermuda, Hamilton. They don't allow rental cars because tourists would congest the 26 mile island and narrow roads. So, we took the cheap easy #8 bus like the locals.

It was a 30 minute poky island paced ride into town. After a picnic lunch near the Ferry Terminal, we followed a walking tour of the main sights from a guide book.

One of our favorite spots was the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity. Bermuda seems to be a very religious community with churches visible all along the main roads. However, this is the tallest and no commercial or private building is allowed to block the view.

After huffing and puffing up 300+ tiny spiral stairs, we got a killer look at the town and surrounding harbor.

Because we had entertained my fancy with a visit to the Bermuda Historical Society and Public Library, we threw Mary a lawyer bone and were rewarded with a private tour of the Sessions House and Parliament building.

ut of nowhere, Mary grew cahones and asked to sit in the seat! Here she is - Prime Minister Rocco of Bermuda - banging the actual gavel from 1620!

Bonnie and I decided she was not allowed to rule without checks and balances from other BAM members. (However, we had to be her underlings!)

After our excitement running Bermuda, we toured Fort Hamilton and its lush surrounding moat.
Seconds after snapping this photo Bonnie screamed. Turns out there are chickens living down there!

After a beautiful sunset ferry ride back to our hotel, we attended a rehearsal BBQ and dance party held poolside by the bride and groom.

The pool and Chinese lanterns made for an awesome back drop to a delicious menu of picnic favorites. You can go here to see my full set of photos of Hamilton and the BBQ.

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