December 25, 2007

Adopt A Neighborhood - LES Santa Hat Pub Crawl

December 15th

Yo, Crosby here. I'm guest blogging on Miss Banana's site so I can tell y'all about my killer night at the third annual Adopt A Neighborhood Santa Hat Pub Crawl, which took place at some fine establishments on the lower east side.

First I took a quick ride on the F Train. Thankfully, this beeotch of a subway decided to run on schedule over the weekend.

I had a few tasty beverages with Miss Banana and friends at Boss Tweed's down on Essex. Before leaving, I made friends with the bouncer. Always a good plan when on a pub crawl, right?

I also took a moment to capture this sexy photo with my lady. I don't understand how a fine looking woman like Miss Banana - who runs all these events promoting the city, debauchery, and Santa hat love - is still available. Thankfully, she ALWAYS has hugs to share with The Cros!
After a few $2 PBR cans at Welcome To The Johnson's, I gave Santa some props and shot people with the frickin laser beams attached to my head.

We picked up a few additional crawlers at the third bar, Slainte, and I deflated a few brain cells with several Irish coffees.

Buying drinks for all the fine ladies at the crawl left me in need of a quick stop at the ATM before we hit up Lilly Coogans for more Irish beverages.

I've always wondered if New Yorkers would like their take out delivered by a five foot inflatable bear. No matter what, I know I rock the delivery bike, basket and all.

I heard from Miss Banana that Mel was celebrating a birthday, so I got on the phone to make sure all the last minute stragglers arrived in time for the mystery cupcakes and our trek to Dempsy's Pub. Unfortunately for both of us, I heard he had a similar end to his evening.

Despite the sleet and sloppy drunken loss of memory, a good time was had by all crawlers, especially me. Miss Banana wanted you to know that you can see a full set of photos from the pub crawl here. She also asked me to pass along her love and thanks to everyone for making this a really amazing year of neighborhood explorations. She said you can see photos from almost all the adventures here.

As for me, I'm packing up my Santa hat and hibernating for the winter. Hope to see everyone again this summer for another season of Bad News Bears kickball!


Anonymous said... sad Mel got exposed to the world on his birthday exploits. At least the details were spared. Then again, I'm sure Mel will laughingly tell anyone who wants to know.

Mystery cupcakes?
What the hell is going on here? Should the police be involved?

Anonymous said...

I just died laughing. God I love that bear. I love that picture of you and the bear looking all sexy-time.