December 13, 2007

Ho! Ho! Ho-ly SANTACON!

December 8th

I've been trying to devise a way to describe the utter hilarity, insanity, and stupidity that is Santacon without much success. Since I don't want to postpone updating the blog any longer waiting for inspiration, I will just start rambling and hope for the best.

In essence, Santacon is a pub crawl where dressing like Santa or any variety of a holiday theme is the only requirement for participation. I suppose the goal is jointly to spread holiday spirit, dress like an idiot, drink beer out of paper bags, make new friends, and generally have the best time ever! With the exception of sky diving, this was the best thing I have done all year! I had so much fun!

My day started with a totally embarrassing lonely ride from Brooklyn on the subway dressed as Ms. Santa. I met up with my friends Chris and B-Wong in Bryant Park and was never so happy to see another red costume in my life. All three of us were super happy to see a billion Santas outside of our destination bar.

After grabbing a beer here, Santa was on the move to Grand Central. You can only imagine the confusion of mid-town tourists as 2,000 Santas poured down 5th Ave and into the station chanting HO HO HO and being general assholes. When asked where we were from, the answer was always The North Pole!

Once we had confused the Metro North patrons in Grand Central Santa continued to wreck havoc on NYC transportation by taking the 6 to Astor Place (with a quick stop off to dance to the Peruvian pan flute band.) where Santa spun the cube and danced on top of the acid party bus!

I was in and around Tompkins Square park for the remainer of the day taking photos and generally having a blast. Please please please click here and take a look at my full set of photos. You will not be disappointed. You can also click here to see Santacon photos from around the country.

OH....and check it out, this photo was chosen by Gothamist, making this my second time since November! All sorts of random people on the Flickr community have made comments and marked this as their favorite! I'm extremely happy!


Anonymous said...

That is the craziest bunch of pictures ever!!! Looks like so much fun!:)

webbiedee said...

WooHoo! Way to go Anna!