December 12, 2007

Roscoe's Chicken and EOSP

December 7th

Tonight was our End Of Season Party for kickball (even though we have one week of games left). Since this is a children's game, the powers that be decided to make this a prom complete with a king and queen as well as semi-formal dress. Only difference between this and high school - open bar!

This is my new friend Miss BoPeep who is rad and hysterical! She dumbfounded everyone at the prom by pulling that classic "removing the glasses" trick and looking totally gorgeous! Me on the other hand -- I just looked strange sporting the RCK flare earrings.

As someone else commented on this photo "From left to right, smoldering gaze, jovial smile, knowing smirk."

This is Kickball Cowboy. For the entire season he was rocking a full beard that earned him the nickname of Beowulf. When he won a novelty award for "Best Beard Growth" it was pretty hilarious!

This is my favorite photo of the evening. I'm not quite sure how the hell this happened since I think it is impossible to achieve a double exposure in digital format, but there certainly is a ghost of bad 80's class portraits making an appearance here!


Anonymous said...

nice hoots.

Anonymous said...

i bet you know who sez hoots so its not very anonymous.