November 5, 2007

Roscoe's Chicken and Winehouse

October 30th

Tuesday means kickball. But this being WAKA and one day before Halloween, this was a night of utter hilarity!

Someone on our team decided that we should ALL dress as Amy Winehouse. To be honest, I had to look her up on the internet but after seeing this photo of her I could understand why that would be funny!

Because I love dressing up I went hardcore! My awesome co-worker drew me some realistic tats! When my office buzzer rang in the middle of this process, we got into a fit of laughter at how this was SO not work related. Didn't she do a kick ass job?

There were also men as Amy Winehouse...playing wigs and make-up!

In addition to three Peruvians, one Brit, and a dude from Trinidad, Mel went as the African American Amy Winehouse!

Here is a photo of my entire team with guest chicken mascot, Chris! Be sure to click and make it big for a closer inspection.



Anonymous said...

As the reigning queen of california, i speak for my people when i say nice kickball team name. nexxxt season try to get zankou in there and you can at least keep your chicken suit mascot.

Anonymous said...

I am the african-american in the photo, I must say I look pretty damn good with makeup on. Sorta interesting and disturbing. Good times.

By the way, I actually look like Elvira or Sindel from Mortal Kombat.