August 17, 2008


August 17

So kids, my little project has come to an end. Despite the best efforts of Flickr to thwart me, I have indeed completed a 365 photo blog. To be exact, I wrote 380 posts and according to my camera, took well over 10,000 photos during this endeavor. Ironically enough, there were still 31 days where I did not document my life!

When I initially started this project, I said it was " part photo diary, part attempt to learn how to take a decent photo, and part recording of the random shit I see living in New York City". In the end it was all that and more. I shared my trips around New England, from Russia to Spain, and a wedding in Bermuda. You got a sneak into my family's holidays, followed me through a wacky cold kickball season, and witnessed the 16th and 17th time a bird shit on me!

I enjoyed having a project to focus my mind and keep me from straying down melancholy lane. I liked promoting my books and bands, it was a great intro to other 365ers, and I had fun sharing the kooky shit that only happens in Banana-land.

Since High Fidelity is one of my recent reads and favorite John Cusack movie, I thought I would share a few final thoughts Top Five Records style.

Top Five Hilarious Moments In Blog Photos(I captured some funny shit in the course of a year.)

Top Five Honorable Mention Posts(Sometimes I was clever, entertaining, or took great photos. I love myself.)

  1. Final Thoughts On Moscow
  2. Remember When Sex Was Safer Than Skydiving
  3. Choose Your Own Adventure III
  4. Greenwood In Spring
  5. Where In The World Is Miss Banana

Top Five Favorite Blog Photos(You can see a full set of photo goodness here.)

Finally, I want wrap this all up with a huge thanks to my readers. It's hard to believe that this silly blog got almost 5,000 hits in just about six months and had visitors from around the world. I hope you enjoyed reading enough to come visit my new musings!

Miss Banana


Anonymous said...

Bravo! I enjoyed reading about your daily adventures and seeing my piglet on the web (2x!) What's your next project, Anner? :) No pressure, of course...

Anonymous said...

FINALLY!!! Do you have any idea how long I have been waiting for this? About as long as I have been waiting for a new eblast from undergear. It did not disappoint. I will miss your blog and all your great photos. Don't let your flickr pro account expire and keep posting more. It was inspirational to start my own blog, too bad I have two psycho exes that like to stalk me via the internet or I would have one of these projects myself. Miss you and looking back over all those posts, I have to say you should be very proud of everything you accomplished this year. Its way more than most people do in a lifetime. And you should also feel very rich because you have so many wonderful friends to share all the fun. As Snoop and I say, it ain't no fun if the homies can't have none. Looking forward to the next project!